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About us


A minimal silver jewelry brand that could be used in your everyday life. Our brand is ideal for customers who is looking for handmade jewelry which crafted from various shapes then combine them together. To provide the perfect fit for every customer, our rings, necklaces and bracelets come in different choices of size.

“More basic, less addition”

We build our brand based on our design motto “more basic, less addition”. We design based on emptiness like starting to write on a blank page. Our jewelry is meant to be included in customer’s everyday life so they are free to engrave their name or word of choice onto our jewelry. The most important thing, we are aware of the diversity of size and shape of our customers. One jewelry product doesn’t have come in only one size. We offer multiple sizes of jewelry and let our customers explore their alternatives. Moreover, we are happy to provide any needed information about the product to our customers. We also organize a workshop where everyone could briefly learn about silver jewelry making including the touch and feel of sterling silver which is the core material of our brand.

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